Hey guys. Your girl is back! So yh, I did a thing. On a very random day, I created a group chat on Whatsapp, and shared a link for anyone who has opinions to join. So, how it started... I remember just realizing that I love giving my opinions on issues, debating stuff, hearing people's opinions and learning new things. So I decided to follow my passion and create a one-man talk show. At first, it seemed impossible. How do I start a talk show when I'm the only host? and then almost immediately, I had a light bulb moment, they could send in their opinions and I would read their opinions on my YouTube channel; sort of like a Q and A. These people would be called panelists, they would consist of an equal number of males and females, they could decide to be anonymous or use their real names, and finally, they would be fearless and unapologetic about their opinions.

After reading their opinions on controversial topics out loud on YouTube, I would conclude the video by giving my own opinion and then invite the viewers to share their opinions on the topic as well. I'm excited about this series; it launches on the 15th of April, 2022 with the topic: Is everyone really having sex? For those that would rather read than watch, I would also be blogging every single topic dissected by the panelists so fear not. I believe that there's always a way and if what has consistently been done does not work with what is realistically possible for you, then create your own lane which is precisely what I'm doing with this series. I hope and pray that it would be incredibly successful or at the very least, serve as a platform that would launch me into a life of hosting talk shows on Tv. Fingers crossed. This is the link to my Youtube channel if you care to go on this journey with me: or you could just click here. Thanks for taking the time to read, see you next week.

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