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Dear Reader,

Today (06/02/2023)- is the day I officially launched my business. It's crazy how little drops of clarity can eventually make the whole trajectory of your life make complete sense! So much has happened in my life since I turned 21. It started with me finally publicly acknowledging my relationship with Jesus, and then I start building meaningful and purposeful relationships, and then I was launched fully into ministry, after which, I started a podcast on building and maintaining purposeful relationships with my sister, and now, I've FINALLY started my business. Everything that happened (the good, the bad, and the ugly), led me to this moment. I have now learned that life is a cumulation of little and seemingly insignificant dots that connects beautifully into a brilliant constellation. Today looks pretty much like a constellation- a crystallization of every wear, tear, fear, and victory.

I have walked a long journey of purpose discovery and passion discovery to get to this point. I call this chapter of my life- Profit discovery. This is the season of my life where I get to use everything I have learned so far to help, teach, and guide those that are just starting their journies. I am elated but a little scared. Scared because, despite the amount of clarity I now have, it still does not take away from the uncertainty of how this chapter would unravel. However, if I have learned anything from the journey leading to this point, it most definitely is to permit a little bit of delusion- to allow faith to cloud the fears and to trust blindly because everything eventually ends up making sense.

I am excited because overcoming all my fears leading to this point has birthed such a boldness that I would never have thought, five years ago, that I possessed. I am grateful for the woman I now am- walking in purpose, pursuing her passions, and graciously living profitably. I am grateful for the man I married who cheers me on through the uncertainties, I am grateful for my sister with whom I do purpose, I am grateful to my parents and siblings who vigorously supported the little beginnings, I am grateful for my amazing friends turned sisters, brothers, and purpose partners, without whom I would not have come this far, this quickly, and lastly and most importantly, I am grateful to Jesus for Grace- because I would not have a life without Him.

This epistle feels more like the write-up on the dedication page of a book. Who knows, 'thirty' would tell. Till then, join me as I document my journey through building my business and making profit.

Yours sincerely,

Coach Bee.

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