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Updated: Oct 24

A lot has happened since I last wrote here. At the time I last wrote here, I was just launching "The Panel", a series I came up with that was supposed to be my big break. The series had its high points but midway through, I realized that it was only a type and a shadow of what I really wanted to do which is to be on a talk show and have these honest conversations with my cohosts and make a real difference in peoples lives. Additionally, God had spoken to me that He was going to make it possible for me to do what I wanted to do with the panel on a much more fitting platform. Not long after that, I had a conversation with my soul sister- Naomi, and an idea that had been incubating yearly for the past 7 years finally had a name and a purpose- Naomi and Bennie Ministry (NBM). NBM would be our creative expressions wrapped up in the gospel. It was brilliant.

We went on to daydream about all NBM could become and everything we saw was beautiful; so beautiful we couldn't wait to start. It finally felt like it was time. It finally felt like we had all the clarity we would need to take a step of faith and we did. We opened an Instagram page and the more we spoke, the more clarity the Holy Spirit gave us about the vision. NBM would be a creative outlet, where people would come for entertainment, and leave with the gospel. Amongst other initiatives under NBM, we would have talk shows, host events, and own production houses that would go on to release lots of wholesome movies and series.

When God presents such a beautiful idea to you, it comes with such a burning passion to just go, go go... but I'm learning to pace myself and trust God's process- but it's not easy. It feels like once NBM launches its talk show, my life would finally begin and I really want my life to finally begin. Don't get me wrong, there are so many things going on for me as we speak:

- I would be getting traditionally married to the love of my life on the 30th of July

- We would be having our joining ceremony on the 20th of August 2022

- I am writing a mini-book on leadership as inspired by the Holy Spirit

- I have finally gotten clarity on what type of content to be posting on all my blog's platforms

- I would be turning 26 in 3 months...

- I have been seeing so many miracles and personal prayer points get answered in my family

- Last but not least, the ministry I lead is making progress. We're launching our website this year and our helpline is possibly about to move to an internet platform.

Life could not be more beautiful.

However, there are so many things that don't make sense in this season of my life- big things for that matter. For example, I and my fiance are yet to figure out where we would be staying after we get married, I and Naomi have no idea how we can sync locations to be able to start our initiatives under NBM (especially our talk show), I am still not where I want to be purpose-wise and our reach in ministry could be better even though I am grateful for the little and I'm honored to be doing what I do. There's so much more going on that I either cannot share publicly or can't even remember right now, but for the most part, life lately has involved the greatest level of faith I've ever had to exercise in my whole life. Faith is uncomfortable but also a learning curve. I've grown a lot in this season and some days are harder than others, but if all I am going through right now will help someone someday, then God keep bringing it on; all I ask is that this season comes to an end quickly enough for my life to finally begin.

Generally, I'm grateful...

Yours patiently,


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