Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Did you just wake up to realize that you have become an adult; but you are not prepared to tackle the real world just yet? I can relate. From paying bills and building a career, to buying a car and renting a house, Adulthood can seem very daunting.

However, I am here to offer tips to get you prepared to confidently nail "adulting". On our forum page, we talk about everything pertaining to adulthood. We share our stories on a variety of topics ranging from financial management to career development, organizational skills, education, sex, marriage, relationships, driving, home maintenance, health and wellness, and so forth. No topic is off-limits.

We deep dive into our struggles and successes; whilst proferring helpful suggestions and encouraging one another in the comment section. Why would you journey through adulthood alone when you can do it with an entire community supporting you?

Join us, we are excited to have you and you can start here. Enjoy!


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