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It has been months since I last wrote here. The last time I wrote here, I was all over the place. I was talking about starting another ministry with my sister- Naomi, I felt like my life had not yet begun, I and my fiance at the time had no idea where we would be staying after we got married, I and Naomi did not have the faintest idea how we would begin our ministry together, considering the fact that we were in different locations, I was seeing little growth in the reach of my ministry and so on.

Looking back, I now see why God made me start blogging in the first place. He had told me that He wanted me to document my journey. The importance is glaring now. With tears in my eyes, I can boldly say that everything that was unclear at the time I wrote my last post is now so so clear. At the time I wrote the last post, I felt like I was literally in limbo; stuck was the word. I was 25 and clueless. I turned 26 exactly 12 days ago and the painting is finally complete.

Between the last post, I blogged about and now, I have gotten married to the love of my life, we have relocated to Cyprus, I have begun recording episodes with Naomi for our podcast- TIN'S with Naomi and Bennie, I am about to launch my online life coaching business, I have gone back to school to get myself an MBA degree, our ministry website- is up and running, I just celebrated 2 months in marriage and 4 years of relationship with my beau, and so on... Every mountain has been leveled up in only 3 months. Crazy!!!

Honestly, that season of my life was one of my darkest seasons: I had just come out of a mentally unhealthy place to a place of uncertainty. However, that uncertainty and obscurity birthed in me a burning passion to now more than ever, use every platform I have to help young adults (between the ages of 18 to 29) discover their purpose and move from obscurity and uncertainty to clarity in every aspect of their lives. I also want to take it a step further and help these young adults actualize their dreams and live fulfilling lives.

I am currently in the happiest season of my life so far, and I know that there are brighter days to come. I also know what it is like to be stuck- physically and emotionally. I've overcome that rut and have a lot of learnings to prove it. I want to use all I have learned, and all I wish I was taught to help young adults who are going through something similar. One of the ways I intend on helping young people is through my youtube channel. Another way is through my one-on-one coaching sessions on Instagram. Finally, I intend to continue to blog my journey here so that anyone reading this will know that they are not alone in their journey of growth. It's finally time!

Your friend and coach,

Bennie Chris-Ayeh

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