30-day life-transformation challenge...

Guess who decided to challenge herself before the year comes to an end?

You guessed right; ME!


So, since I decided to be a life coach, I have had the busiest life *pun intended*. God has just given me to grace to start and build stuff but, I will be the first person to tell you; IT'S NOT EASY. I woke up early, as usual, a few days ago and started my usual bad habit of scrolling through social media when it hit me! 'Bennie, you want to coach people to transform their lives in a month and you don't even know what that feels like.' I mean, I have gone on 3 different year-long challenges but never one solid month of making tough choices to help me achieve all my short-term goals. So, I decided, heck why not! If I'm going to help people, I have to first know what it feels like personally. In as much as some areas of my life are thriving, I find myself neglecting other areas of my life that are equally as important to me. I saw Mike Todd do the 75 HSE challenge. where he worked out twice daily, followed a diet (no cheat days), drank a gallon of water daily, read 10-pages of a non-fiction book daily, read one chapter of the bible daily, and prayed in the spirit daily, NO EXCUSES. He concluded the challenge and said that he had never been more spiritually, mentally, and emotionally fit in his whole life and I wanted that. If he could do 75 days at 36, I can do 30 days at 26.


I am currently on the 12-week-year challenge to grow my YouTube page. I used to post once in 2 weeks, but I decided to post 2 videos (a long-form video, and one YouTube shorts) every Friday. it is taking a lot from me honestly, but I have made this decision and I must stick by it. I want to know what it would feel like to consistently post videos within my niche for 12 weeks... I want to know if it will give me visible results or basic results. Already, I am seeing progress in my videos and even in my mindset, and I'm just in my 7th week. I hope to see MASSIVE results by my 12th and last video (in my niche) for the year. AMEN!

Today is the first day of my 30-day LIFE-TRANSFORM challenge. I plan on measuring myself by 10 metrics starting from the 15th of this month (today) to the 15th of December. These are the metrics:

- Daily Journaling and prayers

- Read 3 chapters of the bible daily

- Work out (3 times a week) and eat right (no junk food) DAILY

- Daily morning showers

- 7 hours of working on personal projects (I have 5) and at least 3 undistracted hours of work.

- Cooking daily for me and my husband

- Take supplements daily after meals

- Evening skin and hair care

- Read at least 1 chapter of a book on personal development/Self-improvement

- Sleep no more than 7 hours daily

I will try to upload a blog post each day on how the challenge is going. Wish me success!

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