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Dear Reader,

Today (15/02/2023)- marks 10 days since I officially launched my business. I started out pretty excited and then a few days in, I was already feeling stressed by the drop in my YouTube views. I knew exactly why that happened but it still felt pretty shitty. I talked all about how I felt that day HERE. While I was in a conversation with my sister that day, she boldly stated: "I hate slow growth." No one ever really says that out even though we all think it. That really put into words how I felt at that moment but that conversation also sparked a strong desire in me to document the raw process of building my brand from scratch. At the time I made this decision, I had intended to document my process privately.

Later that weekend, I read a book called 'CommYOUnity' by Salem King and it made me take the bolder step to publicly document my journey. I talk all about this upgraded decision HERE. Basically, I realized by reading the book that my strongest desire is to build a community of young adults making an impact in their spheres of influence; and the only way I can do that is by sharing my journey because as the author puts it, everyone roots for the underdog.

As I write this entry, I have missed one day of the personal 'SATRT to FINISH' Challenge that I'm on and this is why people don't document their processes publicly; the shame of making mistakes or not seeing things through. But, it felt refreshing to also document my lapses and how I plan on making up for them. I talk all about this HERE. Hopefully, I will update you on how my process is going in about a week's time. But if you want more real-time updates, feel free to follow my podcast by clicking on this LINK. Have a productive week!

Yours sincerely,

Coach Bee.

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