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1 Month Coaching Anniversary

It's been a crazy month of trying to figure things out. It's been a crazy month of trying to balance everything. I am officially one month into my business and so much has happened. The purpose of this post is to celebrate you all and document my struggles and wins. Clarity is not a straight line. It is a super crooked line with lots of pivots but it constantly pushes you forward.

I launched my business as a productivity coach even though I always knew from the very beginning that I wanted to be a business coach. However, imposter syndrome told me that I wasn't qualified and that I knew nothing about business coaching. So, I decided to soft pedal. I decided to do something that didn't sound too professional so I don't feel like a fraud. However, one month into this coaching industry, I've realized that it's more fraudulent to not follow my passion. I am defrauding myself of my dreams by playing it safe.

One month in, and I no longer want to play it safe. I've finally accepted this call and I will give everything I've got to convince myself that I am worthy of this call because I already have all it takes to make it. So, this is me re-introducing myself. My name is Bennie, and I am a Business Coach. My core focus is the service industry and helping small businesses to start and scale their business online. My business model is using productivity tips to help my clients get the most results with the least amount of effort.

Your Coach,

Bennie Chris

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