Hey there...

One time, I walked a distance of 1.5 kilometers barefoot; on burning hot granite ground, under the scorching sun, from my lecture hall to my hostel because my lecturer at the time seized my shoes for being prohibited as a result of its colorfulness. luckily, someone elses' shoe was also seized and we walked that agonizing journey together. Suffice to say, we became friends by the time we arrived at the hostel, and that day, I realized that conversing through pain is way less painful than the reverse.

More About Me...

Hi, my name is Bennie Chris and I'm a corporate lawyer, two-time author, Youtuber, public speaker, blogger, and steward of the gospel. As at the time this blog post is being written, I am a month and a week shy of turning 25. I enjoy writing, speaking, reading, creating, networking, researching, and by extension, learning new things.


I am passionate about building a community of young adults who can help and encourage one another through adulthood. I am also passionate about helping young adults embrace individual uniqueness and openness because I believe that individual honest conversations pave the way for solutions.


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I'm always open to new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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